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ETREMA Products, Inc.
February 28, 2005
Etrema Products, Inc. – a world leader in “smart metals” – announced recently that the U.S. Department of Defense has approved the funding for the Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration (ACTD) of the Sea TALON(TM)(Tactical Acoustic Littoral Ocean Network) sonar system. Sea TALON(TM) was developed by ETREMA’s partner Lockheed-Martin and incorporates ETREMA’s smart metal Terfenol-D.

The ACTD program aids in rapidly transitioning advanced technology into the hands of warfighters serving the unified commanders. It is expected that upon completion of the ACTD program in 2007, that Sea TALON(TM) will transition to the fleet as part of the Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) Mission Module for the Littoral Combat Ship, the Navy’s newest ship design.

Terfenol-D, Etrema’s flagship material, is a smart metal that has the ability to convert electrical power into mechanical power with exceptional speed and force, while at the same time adapting to outside influences. Terfenol-D will be responsible for the drive material powering the active SONAR element in Sea TALON(TM), to detect, classify and track surface and subsurface threats.

“Terfenol-D is the key to the Sea TALON’s success, because its inherent qualities make it a compact, broadband source,” said Jon Snodgrass, Etrema Products’ Chief Scientist. “It’s exciting that our leading smart metal will be playing a key role within the U.S. Navy’s next generation sonar system. Though we’ve used Terfenol-D to do everything from changing walls into audio speakers to developing new ways to look for oil, the partnership with Lockheed-Martin is particularly noteworthy. We have been able to combine our capabilities with our core technology with their expertise in ASW platforms. As Sea TALON(TM) transitions to the fleet, we will be achieving a key milestone for our technology.”

Because of the high power density of Terfenol-D, the SONAR system in Sea TALON(TM) is small enough to be towed by an un-manned vehicle. This allows active engagement in the littoral environment without high risk to personnel or ships. A Sea Trial of the Sea TALON(TM) concept is currently scheduled for May of 2005.

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